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Talent Development Strategy

 career cycle concern system

1.We are concerned about the physical and mental health of employees and the balance between work and life of employees.

2. Gradually build a career cycle concern system from employee entry, learning, growth, social interaction, reward, even family to enhance the sense of experience;

3. Establish a smooth channel of information transmission to enhance participation sense and fairness of all employees.

Internal training, external introduction to develop team

2. Introducing some high-quality talents from outside to provide innovative management strategies for the company.

1.Consider the different levels and sequences to setup different training projects;

Selecting workers is more important

than educating them, and find talents

from all levels

We adhere to "heroes do not ask for

their origins, contributions must be

rewarded", emphasize to select

managers having  successful

practical experience, and persisting

in entrepreneurship to lead the team

to charge and achieve good results.

Flexible mechanism ,build

composite talents

1.Advanced Personnel Training Tools

> Performance and Development


> Personal Development Plan

> Talent Inventory

2. Providing a comprehensive

development platform

> Periodic Rotation Plan

> Creating "T" Talents

> Flexible mechanisms embrace all